Who is Blue Wall Photo?

Born in Montreal, Norman Dupuis has resided in Calgary since making the trek west in 1979.  Active in Calgary’s photographic community, his commercial work has been featured in magazine and other print media.  His artistic output can be found in private and corporate collections throughout North America.

About Norman

Norman Dupuis' journey as an artist has taken him from published written word through painting with mixed media to a style of photography that resides in the space between reality and archetype.

An alumni of the Burns Visual Arts Society, Norman practices both painting and photography from his studio in Calgary’s inner core.

In Consideration of the Craft

Heeding the quote from Roland Barthes that “the photographic image is a message without a code” my images invite you to engage not only in their immediate viewing, but also the greater act of imagining how their subjects interact with and within their worlds. The images focus on corporeal form, natural elements and architectural details that exist at the intersection of nature and human intervention.  Natural elements decay; human effort is undone by the passing of time; subjects inside the margins of the frame go about their existence, captured for future examination.

It was Heraclitus who observed that we never step in the same river twice and moreover that we step into the river as one being and emerge as another.  The subjects and objects in my photographs, captured in that split second the camera accepted their reflected light, still exist in some form, however time and nature have exacted their price. Skin has been shed.  Elements have been transformed, rendered. These subjects and objects were this way once and never again.

“Photography does not create eternity.  It embalms time, rescuing it simply from its proper corruption."

André Bazin